Enter the World of Rune. A new world borne of the ashes of old. Once, Gaia was held in balance by ancient beings who understood the need for all elements. Peace reigned as Gaia formed and races emerged. It was not until an ancient evil came to Gaia, hailing from a place only known as the ‘Pantheon’, did the world first change.

The oldest races fell first, some believed in a holy war, others in some sort of mystical genocide. Either way this decline brought forth the first Runes. Magic was sealed away, regulated, so that no one could weaponize it any longer. The existing races fought to keep the Runes safe, sometimes even from each other. Peace was only known when beings stepped forward, known as Regulators. Covered in tattooed Runes themselves, they had the strength to force all sides to mutual co-operation. Their religious order kept them from ambition and power, and so they were mutually accepted across the world. In this time of Regulation, the knowledge of Runes became lost to all, save one Rune…that which the Regulators used: The Rune of Power.

Time fades, histories change. For some, the world was as it was without beginning or end. For others, the world was the size of a village, or that of a family. Small…safe. The world began to use Runes for everyday use; lighting homes with a simple switch; powering automated vehicles utilizing steam. Vast Engines and Dirigibles, formed. The world grew smaller as Humans pushed faster and faster. The Elves and Gnarles kept to the Woods. The Dwarves to their caves, except to trade with humans of course. As with the Orcs and their amazing ingenuity, creating machines called T’orks. Trading kept the Humans happy, and the other races in a strange dance of trade, alliances, and faction wars.

It was in the Steam Age, that the Chaos came. No one knows from whence it originated; just that it appeared. At first, like a fog during the day; blacker-than-the-dark at night. Creatures came from the Chaos; later known as the Gloom. Ordinary creatures became Gloom-touched, borne of the ashes of the chaos creatures in death. Even the landscape changed under the Gloom. The world screamed, until it could only whisper. Light was its only refuge. The dark and Gloom swallowed everything else.

The races had protectors at that time, known as the BeFu (Animal/Human hybrids that swore to be ambassadors to all races). They ventured into the Gloom. At first to find peace, but only ending in death.

In the year 3323, roads have been traced along Ley Lines to fuel Rune-Lights, paths of minor protection from the Gloom. It has been enough to re-open old trade lines, and life has begun moving forward (albeit cautiously) once more. It was also in this year that the first Dragon rose out of history, and died, causing a resurgence of magic…with the old Master Runes Crumbling, it was a recipe for disaster.

Another three thousand years passed. Technology rose, weakening Rune Light leading the world into darkness. Elves, Te’Par, and Be-Fu vanished from the world. Technology found a way to persist, using Gloom-Ash as a fuel source. It was also at this time, that knowledge of Blood Runes entered into the world, bringing light (through sacrifice) until the Gloom itself was farmed and pushed back into near-extinction.

A new Gloom has now appeared; but fear doesn’t drive this one. Creatures that come out of this Gloom seemed bent on finding accommodation, making trade, and thriving through equality. The downside: Gloom now spreads despair, eating hope.

Enter Gloom-Town. A place of retired heroes, that has accepted the Gloom’s offer of wayward peace, but they’ve shut their doors to the outside world. Unfortunately their location brings visitors to their peaceful life…


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