Kah'Ryn Kaldeese (Trin)

Stubborn, sometimes childish, protective, pretends to be not afraid


Age: 13 ( Birthday ) Keh 19th
Height: 4’ 7"
Eye color: Left is dark brown right is dark orange
Hair color/ Fur color: Red taint in white or black or gray hair depending on season.
Arctic Fox Befu
Appearance: A dark-blue ninja like outfit, no shoes, goggles hanging around her neck. A scar on the right side of her neck, hidden by a hooded slightly ripped cloak that reaches down to the ankles hiding her ears and tail and most of her face. No obvious jewelry besides a bracelet on her left wrist.


Build: 19 – 40 ; Agility: 30 – 74
Intelligence: 28 – 59 ; Logic: 23 – 53
Affinity: 25 – 42 ; Adept: 26 – 32
Appearance: 30 – 50 ; Elegance ; 30 – 57

Exp : 197 Level : 3
HP : 37 Stamina : 41
Attack – 10 Defence – 9



Detect Lies


Enhanced Sense “Hearing”
Sense Danger


Black Pirat Daggers x2 (2 of 6)*
-Scissor Knive x2*
-Climing Claws x2*
-Mom’s Assasin outfit* and supply = Robe + Hock; Surikan on Chain*; Rapping wet (more depending on the GM)
-Brush*, mom’s Earrings*, Dad,s Neckless* and Ring*
-Sewing Kit*
-Truth Serum
-Yipsi Stone=31 small fire resistend Stones *
-nice wooden Box, with a fine Pip and tabaco in it

-Ork bone ring soposently warns about gloom
-Obsidian Sharts 3 big*; 7 small
-Ortim’s Ring*
-27 small boxes in one bigger one; a note*
-Older ripped clouth from Glom Town
-Andys bracer/bracelett*
-Water Flask
-Velvet Purse*
-Glass Jar*_with a duck skeletton in it…or not_

(Items marked with * are assumed carried with her all times)


“Small” Town Girl , Parents work in a General Store where she used to do deliverys for them as well work at the post office and deliver mail to the town people. So she is well known.
She was also known to get in trouble. Practicing her breaking-in and stealing as well as returning of small items and ruff-playing with the other boys to get better in fighting. She plays though more often then she needs too and wants to impress and make her parents proud of her.
She likes animals and is taking care of an Kare she named Dejavu. She also has a small crush on a boy called Andy.

Kah'Ryn Kaldeese (Trin)

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